Career Masterclass

I started working with Bukola and the team in the summer of 2020, I helped them rebrand define their positioning and new digital platform. We are now launched with the new brand and interim site Career Masterclass.comĀ  we will open fundraising in early 2021 and look to build our revolutionary career enabling tools. In the last year, we have grown the community from about 4000 to 14,500 and will launch in Africa in mid-2021 and the US at the same time.

The next evolution of the platform will actually use AI as a tool not a buzz word and we are working with a world-leading education AI team in Europe to achieve this.

tially hired as a consultant I am now a Board Advisor with Career Masterclass and looking forward to taking them through their raise and growth this year.







This is Bukola the founder, an inspirational person looking to inspire and change peoples careers for the better, the world needs more Bukola’s.