GAME a new experinece

GAME required a “Store of the Future” to test and understand customer desires, this project was 2012 and in the GAME stores today you can see the colour coded layouts, live gaming areas and phone and accessories areas.

Retail is about returns as well as experience, some of the results:

Outperformed the network by 30% LFL


Sales conversion up 5% (network aiming at 1% improvement and was running at -1%)


Sales up across ALL categories vs control (most notably in software and accessories) the analysis revealed this was due to try-before-you-buy


Hardware sales up over 10% LFL (network running at -10%)


Staff requests to work in this store at record levels for any store to date


Staff satisfaction levels extremely high resulting in one of the lowest turnover rates seen




9/10 from the national gaming magazine in a mystery shop was a great endorsement of the experience.