Kargo is a British self-driving robot for last-mile delivery invented by William Sachiti founder of the Academy of Robotics 

I started working with Wiliam and the team back in 2019 helping to deliver the public launch at the Goodwood Festival of speed.










Following on from Goodwood I took up a role as Interim Head of Comms and Investor Relations with Kargo.

Our next outing was to the west end press so on November the 10th 2019 Kargo was shown in London at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair.



Kargo Trailer   Kargo London Press Interview


Kargo Mayfair



We went to Scotland as part of the Governments CAV initiative


CAV Scotland Kargo


Kargo CEO William Sachiti at the SEC Campus, Glasgow, with Kargo Europe’s first road-based self-driving vehicle. November 13, 2019.


In March 2020 AoR was a finalist in the London Busines Awards

London Business Awards 2019  Kargo London Business awards


In late 2020 Kargo was registered for the road and started road trails with Pharmacies delivering drugs to care homes and with Eurovia in Hounslow for road surveying and reducing the carbon footprint of repairs and transport.


Kargo Registration




I hosted a live stream with William showing Kargo driving and delivering on the streets of west London even in a pandemic the show must go on. It was emotional so see Kargo on the road the first UK delivery robot on the roads.


A bit on me talking… for a change





We achieved good coverage..


Kargo Reuters


Kargo China Daily




Kargo Sunset