MK Rose

A new kind of public space

One day in discussion with John Moffoot we talked about how Milton Keynes had no “old town square” there wasn’t a natural meeting place for occasions or a proper cenotaph… that is where the journey started. I remember being challenged by an artist saying “you can’t just decide to create a centrepiece for a city?”, I thought why not? so about 8 years and ¬£1.2m raised it was born in late 2011 and in my view set free, as it would only succeed if people wanted a shared public place too, remember, celebrate and share.

MK Rose

Ariel rendered image

The Milton Keynes Rose is a now and spectacular public place in Central Milton Keynes, which is available to everyone for celebration, commemoration and contemplation.

MK Rose

3D render during development

Designed by internationally renowned artist Gordon Young, The Milton Keynes Rose is a vast and impressive open-air circle with markings based on the mathematical beauty of a flower. 106 granite pillars of varying heights emerge from the surface, many of which are inscribed with dates of events that have local, national or international significance.

Menashe Ben Yosef performs at the father of Loud Day at MK Rose

The Milton Keynes Rose provides a place where citizens and visitors can gather to mark national, local or personal occasions, be they historical, in joy or in remembrance. It is a place where hundreds can gather to mark Armistice Day or one person can remember another in a personal moment. It is not a sombre place, but a place of coming together and celebration.