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SkyNet may not be on its way, but lots of helper bots are 


Ai has exploded in recent months. Since then copywriters have been worried their jobs and teachers concerned about cheating, but this revolution is about far more than words, even machine-learned ones. Think of these new AIs as engines or operating systems, whereas in the old days, we had to know coding skills to get a computer to learn how to execute a task for us, but now “scripts” can be overlayed onto these engines to create “apps” or “ai tools”. 

It’s not a case of having HAL as a single tool delivering everything you desire, like the sci-fi movies (2001 Space Oddity reference). Think more “helper bots” (this is an emerging trend in both automation and automatous robots, so you will hear it more). A helper bot, be it on your computer or a physical one, can help with simple tasks; you can subscribe to your engine and build your custom all-powerful one, but as with the internet in general, if we get help with the small tasks, our creativity and output goes up. 

Oh no!! I used the word creativity in the context of Ai; everyone man the lifeboats, and we are all losing our jobs. Actually, no, “you will not be replaced by Ai, but you will be replaced by someone who knows how to use Ai” This list covers hundreds of simple tasks that take the heavy lifting out, so you can be creative, and innovative easier. Spray cans did not replace the brush, it just allowed a different type of painting, now called graffiti.

Ai is the biggest change to work and how we live since the industrial revolution, think of the impact of the web on business, this will be bigger. We predicted lots of bad things with Web 1 and Web 2 like books dying out, but they flourished, on the downside the high street as we knew it died only because retail did not adapt and still has not grasped the opportunity, but that is another blog.


So here is a selection of helper bots; it’s not exhaustive, its not the best of the best; it’s a list of tools for you to try out, learn and experiment.


SiteThe PitchFree?Cost PCM
Social Media Create Your Social Media Strategy In 10 Minutes30 days Trial$49
Avatar Video AvatarOnly Premium$20
SEO ranking SEO RankingTrial$99
Colour B&W images Colorize PicturesTrial$0.65
Creative suite Everything you need to make everything you wantTrail$12
SEO writing and blogs Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X fasterBase service$12.67
Video Creation Create and host videos without impacting site speedBase service£19
Auto chatbot – knowledgebase builder Automate all the low-level support conversations by leveraging Open AI and SiteRight automationYesFree apart from SMS service
Extraction and List generation A new era of lead generation14 days free$56
Sales Conversation generation Conversations that convertStarter level$99
Review analysis tool Ai Powered customer researchStarter level$99
Creative suite Describe what you want to createMainly Yes£11
All types of copy writing A brilliant, 20X faster way to writeBase level$10
Vector Illustrations Stunning vector illustrations from text promptsSome£6
Product Photography Create pro quality product photography with AIWatermarked$199
Ai Generated images Create Amazing AI-Generated ImagesFree But BetaBeta
Image scaling upscale in size and qualityBase level$9
Photo Editing Photo Editing platformTrial$4.99
Ai Dubbing Discover the faster, more affordable way to go global with your existing video content using AI dubbing.Book DemoBook Demo
Account based marketing The most advanced automated Network Sales Platform on the planet combined with Real Buyer IntentBook Demo$2500
Googles GPT Google version of Chat GPTFreeFree
Generate Adverts Generate ads in seconds with AIBeta AccessTBC
Ap builder with code beautiful UI, generate clean code, and deploy to the app stores or web in one click. Fully extensible with custom code.Base level$30
Talk to historical figures so Educational with anyone from the past20 free messagesIn App purchase


Let me know how it goes 


Gavin W H Anderson

Founder N2 Collective